Mariah Dale-Anderson

Marketing & Customer Experience Lead & Owner

Mariah grew up in the hills of deep southern Illinois and was very active in 4-H and FFA as a youth. That involvement sparked a passion to work in the agriculture industry and also introduced her to a young man from northern Illinois. Even though her full time job involves wearing suits and high heels daily, she appreciates putting on her ball cap and spending hard-working hours on the farm. Mariah takes the lead on all marketing for the farm and often speaks to groups and organizations about the farm and her specialties - branding, social media, and marketing. She graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Agriculture Communications but took a different path to working in agriculture research right out of college. It was her passion for serving and empowering others that allowed her to do a complete 360 early in her career. For the last fifteen years, Mariah has worked in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Her professional experiences have been in branding, program and event management, marketing, and process improvement. Even though she has a diverse resume, working on the farm has been her most challenging and rewarding job of all. Her professional experiences have influenced how Mariah approaches the business operations and marketing for the farm. Because Mariah has a talent for event management, she has expanded the type of events conducted on the farm as the farm has grown. Her goal is to complement their quality plants and produce with experiences that allow others to enjoy and appreciate the labor and love of farm life and local businesses. Often identified as a passionate and hustling workaholic, Mariah appreciates the peaceful moments at the end of a long hard day on the farm when her and Greg sit in their lawn chairs, talk about their dreams for the future, while gazing into the starry central Illinois sky.  


Greg Anderson

Farming Production & Operations Lead & Owner​

Greg grew up on a fresh produce and pumpkin farm near Leland, and like Mariah, was very active in 4-H and FFA as a youth. His blue and gold FFA jacket allowed him to broaden his experiences and perspectives outside his small community and eventually led him to meet a brown eyed girl from southern Illinois. It was growing up visiting and working alongside his uncle and grandpa at his grandparent's farm where Greg became a true farmer at heart. Even though Greg has a degree in Agriculture Business Management, he has always preferred working the ground than going to an office every day. This passion led him to thirteen years of hands on working experience in the agriculture research sector. An entrepreneur by nature, Greg operated his own specialty crop operation and landscaping businesses while in high school. In addition to working full time on our farm, his passion for helping farmers maximize their field performance led him to start Triple M Seed, a certified Becks Hybrids seed business. With his friendly and caring nature, Greg often turns a first-time customer of our farm into a farm ambassador. Greg manages the day-to-day operations and production side of our farm. He often jokes that Mariah is the boss while he's the grunt labor of the operation. He leads our farm team and has a natural ability to motivate them with his pep talks and "farm challenges" during the hottest of summer days. His leadership and motivational skills on the farm allow us to have the most dedicated and hard-working employees we could ever ask for. Greg is passionate about mentoring youth and paying it forward. Working on the farm for our young employees is more often a learning and growing experience than a summer job and that's how Greg likes it. Even though farming has its ups and downs, what Greg enjoys the most is working side by side with Mariah and watching their passions intertwine for complimenting each other and their farm business.



Lucy Lulu Anderson

Farm Boss Dog & Welcome Committee  

Lucy joined the farm in October of 2017 after a short stay at the DeWitt County Animal Shelter/Second Chance for Pets in Clinton. After her adoption, she quickly learned that she had some big paw prints to fill, left by her predecessors Levi & Laney Lu, our original furry farm hands. We don't know much about her past before joining the farm, but we're blessed to have adopted a shelter dog that loves our farm and visitors as much as we do. We often joke that she thinks every farm visitor is here to see her. Despite her big stature and bellowing bark, this goofy girl lives for greeting visitors with her smiling face and wagging tail. Don't fret when you meet her. She'll be eager to escort you to a two-legged, farm staff member or show you around the farm. If you’re kind to oblige, she’d love a good pet on the head or scratch behind the ears. Just be prepared that she loves giving slobbery dog kisses in return, especially to those her own height.