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A family experience we have made a tradition. We welcome you to experience our farm first-hand with our Pick Your Own experience. It is as simple and fun as the name implies. From the most varieties of mums grown on one location in Illinois to our vertical hydroponic strawberries. Hand-select what you bring home while making memories and enjoying a one-of-a-kind AG-venture.

There are two ways to pick your own (PYO) at our farm:

  •  Appointment PYO Experiences

  • Open PYO Experiences


Please visit each crop page mentioned below to learn more:

🍓 Visit our strawberry page to learn more.

🌸 Visit our zinnia page to learn more.

🏵️ Visit our fall mum page to learn more.

*Other crops that we grow may be available for PYO during your visit to the farm. Please contact us prior to your visit to check availability of vegetable crops. A list of different crops that we grow can be located on our crop calendar.*

Payment Methods

We accept cash, local checks, and Visa, Mastercard, & Discover. 


Enjoy a trip to the country, the fresh air and the quiet! Children can learn firsthand how plants grow and what fresh produce tastes like! You not only get to pick out your very own produce or plants, but you can save money by picking your own.


Know Before You Arrive

  • Please visit the crop pages mentioned above to learn more about each picking experience we offer.

  • Once you arrive, please check in with a staff member in the barn for picking instructions.

  • We provide scissors and containers for picking.

  • Hand washing and sanitizing is required before picking strawberries.

  • You should not be on our farm property if you feel ill, are showing signs of illness or have tested positive for COVID-19 (or had close contact with someone who has tested positive) prior to your visit.

  • Dress for the weather. Wear light-colored, cool, loose fitting, cotton clothes on hot days.

  • Closed-toe shoes are recommended.

  • Wear and bring with you sunscreen, a hat or visor and sunglasses.

  • Bring plenty of bottled water to drink.

  • Bring a small cooler with ice pack if it is a very hot day or if you have more than a 30 minute drive home.

  • A picnic area, porta potty, hand washing & sanitizer stations are onsite.

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