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Farm Market

Our farm market, located in our red barn, is a great spot to find fun and unique gifts, gourmet foods, farm merch, and our farm fresh produce, when in season. You'll also find other locally grown or made products from hand-selected farms and small businesses who care about quality and flavor as deeply as we do.

Farm Market Produce Seasons

Hanging Baskets & Finished Planters: May - Early June

Strawberries: Early June - Early October

Vegetables: July - September

Sweet Corn: July - September

Zinnias: Early July - Late September

Watermelons: August - Early September 

Fall Garden Mums: Late August - Late September

Pumpkins & Winter Squash: Early September - October

Taste of the Farm Food Concession

Enjoy fresh made donuts, iced coffee lattes, ice cream sundaes & parfaits, cider slushies, floats & more sweet treats. Our seasonal flights let you sample our salsas, jams, suaces, and watermelons throughout the season. 

Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our email newsletter for staying in the know of what is stocked in our farmstand throughout the season.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, local checks, and Visa, Mastercard, &


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