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I heard about your from a friend, but I live over an hour away. Is it worth the trip?

We specialize in growing fall mums and grow 15,000 mums. What makes our farm worth the drive in the fall is the fact that we grow over 130 different mum varieties in the red, maroon, orange, bronze, purple, pink, white, cream, yellow, and gold color families; the largest variety of mums you will find in one location in Illinois! Mum sales usually begin in early September and end the first Sunday of October, depending on availability. Our prices make up for the amount of gas used to make the trip. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees are dedicated to helping customers find the perfect mum. We love answering any and all questions you have.

Do you offer delivery?

Because are we no longer accepting wholesale accounts, we are no longer doing delivery.

Are your mums perennial garden hardy (will they come back next year)?

Many people look at mums as a seasonal decorating plant because they are used to replace some of the annuals that have served their purpose during the summer months, and if their mums survive the winter than it's a bonus.

The mums we grow are perennial garden hardy mums. We select varieties for our growing zone here in Central Illinois. If you want to improve the survivability of mums you purchase at our farm, be sure to visit our blog, to learn more about planting and caring for your mums.

When should I order mums for a fall wedding or event?

It is always best to contact us regarding fall weddings BEFORE August 1st. This helps us for planning and ensuring availability of mums for your fall event. We do not hold or guarantee mum availability for weddings or events that occur after the first weekend of September 18th. Discount pricing is only available for an order of 25 or more mums. We no longer deliver wedding mums.

For more information or to order wedding or event mums, please email, or call and speak with Mariah at 217-722-3531.

What size are your mum pots?

Our standard pots are 9" (diameter) x 6.25" (height). Our jumbo pots are 12" (diameter) x 10.25" (height).

Do you offer wholesale pricing for mums?

Yes, we do have wholesale clientele, however we are no longer accepting any additional wholesale accounts because we are focusing on retail sales.

Do you do mum fundraisers for schools or organizations?

Yes, we do have fundraiser groups that we work with, however we are not accepting any fundraiser accounts for 2021 because we are focusing more on retail sales.

General Questions

When are you open?

We generally open for the season around the first of July and close the first Sunday of October. Weather and crop availability may cause us to open or close sooner or later. From July until the end of September, we are open Fridays through Sunday. If you are unsure if we are open yet for the season, please do not hesitate to contact us. July to September Hours: Monday - Thursday: Closed Friday: Noon - 5:00 p.m. Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sunday: Noon - 5:00 p.m. October Only Hours (please call in advance to ensure we still have mums and other crops left for the season): Monday - Friday: Closed Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sunday: Noon - 5:00 p.m

Do you grow all your own plants and produce?

Our vegetables starts, cut flowers, produce, and fall garden mums are grown ourselves from seed, cuttings, or small plugs. We also stock our farmstand with melons, apples, peaches, and honey from area farmers who share the same growing practices and values as our farm.

Are your plants and produce organic?

We are very passionate about informing others about how our food is grown and connecting consumers with their farmer! So, thank you for starting a conversation with us! We are not USDA certified organic. You will not find many local producers who are certified because the certification requirements are unpractical to small and big farmers. The other misconception is that USDA organic means that a farmer does not use pesticides and fungicides and that is very false. There are over 20 chemicals commonly used in the growing and processing of organic crops that are approved by the USDA organic standards. Many natural pesticides have been found to be potential - or serious - health risks and applied at a higher rate per acre. Our philosophy is to be ethically responsible, resourceful, good stewards of the land, and grow healthy and safe products for our own family and customers. We only use treatments to address disease if needed, just like you would, if you were to get sick or get an infection to prevent further issues. Health and safety is always first in the farming industry for farmers, but fertilizers and chemicals are also VERY expensive, so farmers do not abuse them due to cost as well as for health and safety. This might be more information that you were looking for, but we are very passionate about educating others about our farm operation and saying that we are "not organic" does not change the fact that we believe in growing healthy and safe produce for our customers!

Do you grow GMO crops?

There is a great deal of misconceptions among consumers regarding GMO seed. We’re not here to mislead anyone into purchasing our products over another because of us saying our crops are non-GMO. We're often asked if our tomatoes are GMO. The answer is no, because tomatoes are not actually approved to grow in the U.S. Currently there are 10 GMO crops grown in the U.S. Those crops include apples, potatoes, field corn, canola, alfalfa, soybeans, papaya, cotton, sugar beets, sweet corn, and summer squash. Many of these crops are used as processed ingredients, like sugar or cornstarch, in food products you may find in your local grocery store. At this time, the seeds we have selected for our crops are non-GMO including our sweet corn.

How can we keep up with what's going on at the farm (farm updates, events, crop availability, etc.)?

There are many ways to keep in touch with us. Be the first to receive the latest news, crop availability, and event dates by signing up for our email newsletter. Our Facebook page is updated almost daily during the season with pictures from around the farm, informative videos, helpful tips, reminders, and links to our blog and other useful websites. It's the best way to actively engage with us, get to know our farm crew, and get a sneak peek into the everyday happenings of our farm from the comfort of your home! Our Pinterest page is full of great ideas for gardening, cooking/baking, decorating and more. Our From the Field blog has tons of great information to keep your plants happy, happy, happy, along with great information on our own tips, recipes, produce preservation, what’s in season, and more.

How do I get there?

We are located 8 mileas east of Clinton off of Route 10. It is hit and miss when using our address with a GPS device, Mapquest, or Google Maps when locating our farm. You might end up VERY LOST! We recommend using the driving directions on our Driving Directions page or these coordinates when using a GPS device: 40.113557, -88.827004.

Do you have food or drink concessions at the farm?

At this time, we only provide food and drink concessions during our Mum Fest event. You are always welcome to bring your own food, snacks, and beverages.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express.

Is there an ATM at the farm?

No, we do not have an ATM at the farm at this time.

Can I bring my dog or a pet?

We are animal lovers and you may meet our farm dog Lucy when you visit our farm, but due to NEW food safety regulations enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), we no longer allow for you to bring your pets to the farm. The FSMA rules are designed to make clear specific actions to prevent food contamination. Because we grow fresh produce in addition to fall mums, we must follow these food safety regulations. Service animals are permitted at the farm. The animal must always be under complete control of the individual. Animals that are not dogs and/or whose purpose is only to provide comfort or support are not considered service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our farm can enforce rules to ensure the safety of our fresh produce. Service animals should be kept between rows and not be allowed to trample or otherwise damage plants. The animal should only be allowed to defecate or urinate in designated areas away from fresh produce and plants. In the event that the animal does defecate in the area of plants or fresh produce, it is the responsibility of the owner of the service animal to report the incident to a farm staff member so we can follow appropriate safety procedures to remove the contamination in a manner that prevents contamination to remaining produce.

Do you have handicapped parking?

Yes, our handicapped parking is located closest to the large sliding door of our red barn.


Do you offer wholesale or a discount for purchasing a bulk quantity of vegetables?

If you are not a business, school or community organization but need to purchase a large quantity of our plants or produce, we do offer bulk discount prices on our vegetables that we grow at our farm. This option is great for those who need a large amount of tomatoes for canning or freezing. Please contact us for details on product offerings and pricing. We do not put this information on our website, as the details vary based on the product, quantity, and availability.

Donation Requests

Do you donate to local organizations and charities?

We are happy to consider all requests for donations and sponsorships to groups, schools, organizations and charities. We continually strive to support a variety of organizations and causes, especially those in DeWitt county. As the frequency and size of donation requests increase, we make every effort to provide our support to charitable efforts.

All requests must be made by completing our online Donation Request Form.


Do you provide containers for the berries or should we bring our own?

We will provide plastic containers to use and take home. The containers will hold one pound of strawberries.

Do you have berries picked to purchase or do we pick our own?

We pick berries daily for our local grocery stores and markets. It is likely we will have some berries picked to purchase at the farm. If you are unable to pick berries, but would like to purchase them at the farm, please email us at prior to your visit or call us at 217-898-0706.

When is strawberry season? How long does it last?

Our season begins late June when typical strawberry u-picks are done for the season. The reason being is our strawberry plants are not planted in the ground. They are planted in an upright hydroponic growing system.

What's the best way to store strawberries once I take them home?

Do not wash them right away. Refrigerate them as soon as possible. Just before using, wash strawberries under a gentle spray of cool water. For best flavor, cut strawberries at room temperature.

Can I freeze strawberries?

Yes! There are a few different ways to freeze strawberries. One popular method is to freeze whole without sugar to maintain shape and health benefits. Directions: I do not rinse my berries if I am to freeze them. I slice stem off at top of berry. Place on a cookie sheet and place uncovered in freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Transfer strawberries to a freezer bag or container. Frozen strawberries can be stored frozen for several months.