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SEPTEMBER 10-11, 2022


Dear Vendor:

You have been hand-selected to receive our official invite to become a vendor at our farm’s annual Mum Fest, September 10-11, 2022


Mum Fest is a FREE family-friendly event that kicks off the fall with our showcase of the largest variety selection of fall mums, local food, unique vendors, live music, fun kids' activities, and wholesome farm experiences. We’ve seen this event grow from 500 people in 2014 to well OVER 3,000 last year. 


We invite you to reach out to this audience by becoming a Mum Fest vendor. Not only will you have the opportunity to sell your products, we provide ample exposure in the Central Illinois region through our many avenues of marketing and publicity which includes the following: 

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Facebook Event

  • Print Materials

  • Local Influencer Blogs

  • Social Media Pages

  • Local Radio

  • Earned Media

  • Community Event Calendars

  • Press Releases

  • Signage

We look forward to having you as a Mum Fest vendor!  We're currently working on the two-day schedule and will announce the lineup of events throughout the summer months.


Please scroll down for details and to complete the signup form. For more information about the event, visit: or


Greg & Mariah Anderson

Triple M Farm: Mariah’s Mums & More


Vendor Type

We will select food vendors/trucks and vendors that sell hand-made, crafted, vintage, one-of-a-kinds, and re-purposed pieces as well as unique merchandise, clothing boutiques, jewelry, and fashion accessories. We will not approve direct sales vendors (ex: Tupperware, Paparazzi, Usborne Books, Pampered Chef, etc.).

General Vendor Details

  • All vendors are responsible for tables, display units, table covers, extension cords (must be securely covered), generators, signage and any other items needed to effectively set up their area.

  • Use of generators must be requested and approved in advance.

  • We recommend a Hotspot for our venue and each vendor is solely responsible for bringing any items/accessories needed to run their own credit card sales. We do not provide access to WiFi.

  • Return vendors may request their previous vendor location in the additional comments section of the signup application, however there is NO guarantee that they'll be granted the same space or request.

  • To protect your tent, it must be sturdy enough to withstand Central Illinois weather. Also, you need to have enough weights on each pole of your tent as our farm does not have a lot of wind breaks. Generally, a 40-50-pound weight per each tent leg is standard.

  • Food Trucks - We ask that you list the size of space needed when signing up so we can plan accordingly. Outdoor food vendors will get priority for electricity. 

  • Non-Food Vendors - Outdoor spaces will NOT have access to electricity.

  • Indoor spaces will only be granted to return indoor vendors and must be confirmed and paid in full by April 1.

  • Confirmed vendors will be invited to a Vendor only Facebook group. 

  • We are planning to offer pre-ordered lunch options again this year.

Space Commitment 

Space fees are for TWO days (Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm both days). One-day spaces are NOT permitted. 

Space Fee & Payment

  • Online sign up and payment is due by May 1st for NEW vendors (deadline is subject to change if spots fill up prior to deadline).

  • Payment is due at the time of form submission

  • Outdoor 10'x10' space: $100 each

  • Trailer space (does not include food vendor trailers): $150 (vehicle used to pull trailer will not be allowed to remain with trailer during event unless authorized)

  • Indoor (limited and only available to return vendors)10'x10' spaces: $125 each. Please do not select this option if you are a new vendor. We will send out notification if spots become available.​​

  • Food Vendor: $125 each. Please list the size of space and electricity needs when signing up so we can plan accordingly. 


We will have designated parking the day of the event for vendors. Only one vehicle per vendor will be allowed to park in the designated area. If you have a trailer, we may ask that you park in a different area of the farm. We ask that once you complete set up that your vehicle be moved to the designated area.


  • Friday setup is recommended. Vendors may begin setting up after 3pm on Friday, September 9th and must leave the farm by 7pm that evening.  

  • Saturday set up may require you to sign up for a specific time frame in order to accommodate traffic/congestion. Details of this will be sent two weeks prior to the event. 

  • We will always provide a clear time frame for set up and we reserve the right to refuse entry to a vendor who does not arrive on time to set up prior to the beginning of the event.

  • All vendors must be set up and ready to go by 9:30am both days of the event.

  • All vendors must stay set up until 4pm on Saturday and 3:00pm on Sunday of the event or you will NOT be asked back to future events. You will not be able to drive your vehicle to your spot to load until 4pm on Sunday. 

  • Vendors are responsible for the setup, tear down and removal of ALL items from their booth including the remove of any/all trash.

  • We CANNOT guarantee any labor assistance for setup or tear down, however we will have staff helping out in the vendor area when available.

  • A vendor layout and specific details for set up will be sent a couple weeks prior to the event. We want all vendors to feel well informed ahead of the event by providing this level of information in advance. With that said, we will not take any requests for space re-assignment. We will try our best to not put like vendors next to each other. 


Applications and payments must be submitted by completing the form at the bottom of this page

Food Vendors

Food vendors should have “General Liability” insurance and a food permit that is visibly displayed throughout the duration of the event.

Guidelines & Policies

  • All vendor fees are non-refundable (for any reason). This event takes several months of pre-planning and preparation, We spend thousands of dollars to promote and execute this event and we do not get any of that back if vendors decide not to attend.

  • Weather Policy: Because of our full calendar of events, we cannot reschedule Mum Fest for a future weekend if adverse weather arises. Therefore, we will not make any refunds for cancellations due to weather. If inevitable inclement weather is expected, we will email all vendors with updates. We will try to hold Mum Fest even if we do have some rain in the forecast. If we are required to cancel due to a severe/hazardous weather event, we will make every effort to notify you in advance by any means we feel fit; however, no credits or refunds will be issued. 

  • We reserve the right to remove and ban vendors for any of the following reasons:

    • Sharing your vendor space with an unapproved vendor

    • No-Shows (without any prior notice)

    • Tearing down and packing up before the end of the event

    • Being rude or disrespectful in any way to customers, vendors, venue staff, etc.

    • Violating our guidelines 



We advertise heavily through a variety of channels. We expect each of our vendors to take a vested interest in promoting your participation at Mum Fest with social media posts, inviting attendees to our official Facebook Event page, posting about your products in the event page, distributing our postcards, emails, etc. The more you share, the greater the reach, and the more everyone benefits!

Farm Location/Driving Directions 

Our farm is located in DeWitt County. We are 8 miles east of the Clinton off of Route 10, in between the small communities of Lane and Weldon, IL. Please visit the included web link for driving directions to our farm:


Event Manager

Mariah Anderson

Cell: 217-722-3531 

Electricity (FOOD VENDOR ONLY)
Select an item ($)

By clicking SUBMIT, I hereby release Triple M Farm Mariah's Mums & More, LLC from liability and agree to indemnify it and hold harmless it's employees, representatives and agents for any personal injuries, loss or damage to properties arising from activities related to Mum Fest. I agree to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by Triple M Farm Mariah's Mums & More, LLC and the safety provisions established for Mum Fest.

Thank you for signing up! Be sure to join our Mum Fest Vendor Facebook group at this link:

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