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Why Local Matters

Who doesn’t see one of those ‘On This Day’ features on Facebook and start to feel nostalgic? This morning one my own Facebook memories brought me full circle.



When I look at this Facebook post from eight years ago, I remember feeling excited yet nervous about placing our first order of 300 fall mums. Little did we know or plan in those first two years, that we would expand our little farm to what it is today! To be honest, our intention was to grow a couple thousand mums to support our “vacation fund.” After year three, we knew our little venture was starting to become a thriving local business.

As we grew our business, our passion grew for connecting our community with locally grown plants and produce and for keeping local dollars in DeWitt County. Yes, we have spent time developing business and marketing plans for growing our business year after year, but the support we receive from our community is what truly keeps us growing.

Here are some more reasons why local is so important

  • It provides communities access to healthier and fresher plants and produce. Statistics show that produce travels 1,500 miles on average to the grocery store it is sold from.

  • Increasing a sustainable community by reconnecting eaters with farmers, investors with entrepreneurs, and business owners with the communities and local resources on which they depend on.

  • Keeping money local. There is a significant economic value in shopping locally. Retail studies show that on average, 48% of each purchase made at locally owned businesses is recirculated locally*.

  • Creating more local jobs for our neighbors, our families, and ourselves.

  • Knowing, seeing in the community, and shaking the actual hand of the individuals that own the farm, the store, or the service that you do business with.

  • Building a greater sense of pride for the community that you call home.

When you decide to make that next purchase, remember why making it local is more than just convenience. It is vital to the community that you live in. As individuals and as a community, we have the ability to shape the way our economy operates. When we come together to support and do business in the community we live in, we are building a more sustainable and supportive local economy for us and for future generations.

Shop Local!

Your Farmers,

Greg & Mariah Anderson


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