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Faces of Our Farm

It's just not Greg and I who plant and harvest all the crops we grow on our farm! It truly takes a tiny village, and all of what we do would not be possible without the hard work, grit, passion, and determination of our amazing farm crew!  On this week's #FromtheField, Greg introduces the faces you might not always see online or at our farm stands!

June, Mackenzie, Alexis, Jacob, and Glen (he managed to sneak away during the video) are the ones behind the scenes helping us provide farm fresh, locally grown vegetables and mums to our community. We are beyond grateful for this amazing group and we hope that you'll share your appreciation for their hard work by commenting below or giving them a shout out on our Facebook page.


We hope that you learned something new from this week's blog. Be sure to share it with your friends and family who have interest in learning more about where their food comes from. If you have questions about our farm or about this topic, be sure to Ask Us.

Your Farmers,

Greg & Mariah Anderson

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